Our Need

Much of the church and school’s infrastructure is more than 50 years old, and the physical facilities limit our ministry for the realities of how we worship, educate, witness, and serve the community. Over the next nine weeks, the Christ the King Family will embark on a journey of faith and action. Join us as we:

  • PRAY for discernment and devotion to God’s plan for the ministry of Christ the King as we seek to proclaim the timeless message of the Gospel in an increasingly secular world.
  • GIVE THANKS for Christ the King’s rich history of faith by using our time, talents and treasure to support the continued growth of ministry.
  • PLAN FOR THE FUTURE so that future generations of Christ the King believers will be equipped to effectively share the Gospel of Hope.

Our Challenge

Now is our time to be ready for whatever comes next:

  • The layout and age of our facilities limits our ministry rather than supporting it.
  • Adult Bible study classroom space is limited and scattered, our nursery area needs to be expanded, and there is no good space for large meetings, meals, receptions or alternative worship opportunities.
  • The kitchen is ill equipped in size and appliances to meet our own needs and the opportunities to serve the community.
  • Many of our meeting areas for young people and adults are outdated for the multimedia and technology needs that we and others expect.
  • The outdated and worn appearance of the campus gives a negative impression to visitors.

Our Plan

In order to be ready for whatever comes next, we must:

  • Improve these major areas of our facility that need renovating to facilitate our mission into the future:
  • A new high tech fellowship hall for church and community gatherings, alternative worship, seminars, and concerts.
  • A large kitchen with sufficient appliances and work spaces to serve up to 400 people in both congregational and community-oriented settings.
  • Adult Bible study rooms designed specifically to demonstrate our highest priority; to teach, learn, and share God’s Word with one another, our community and beyond.
  • Design our facilities (entrances and flow) in such a way that members and guests coming on campus can navigate their way around in a welcoming, secure, and efficient manner.
  • Modern administrative offices, nursery areas, youth facilities, workshops, and K-8 school enhancements that are secure and easily accessible.

Our Hope

This opportunity is less about us, and more about enabling future generations of Christ the King Lutheran believers to be the Church in an increasingly secular lost world. Our challenge today is great. Theirs will be even greater to share the Gospel of Jesus in ways that are relevant to a culture less willing to hear and believe it than ever before. Our hope is that through these efforts, Christ the King Lutheran Church will continue throughout future generations to be a strong Lutheran presence in Memphis and the Mid-South District; and to be fully ready and equipped to faithfully preach, teach and confess with excellence God’s grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone!