Why is my participation important?

Everyone who participates will be blessed by the opportunity to give generously and trusting in God to provide for our needs.  We’re excited about what God is preparing our ministry to do here at CTK in reaching people who have yet to experience the joy of knowing Jesus.  We want everyone to be included in this life-changing event and be invested in God’s Kingdom work.

What is the difference between the Now is Our Time Capital Campaign Pledge and our Regular Sunday Offerings?

The Sunday Offerings support our CTK’s existing ministries and operations. The Now Is Our Time Capital Campaign will finance our new facilities such as a new Fellowship Hall, new Adult Sunday School rooms, a new kitchen, etc. These updates will allow CTK that will serve our members now, and in the future, while also expanding our reach into the Memphis community.

I’m currently giving regularly to Christ the King. Can I re-direct a portion of my current giving to the Now Is Our Time capital campaign?

The Now Is Our Time Capital Campaign pledge (over a three-year period) is a sacrificial gift in addition to your regular Sunday Offering. We use the Sunday Offerings to support our existing ministries at CTK and overall church operational needs. We ask that you set aside an additional sacrificial gift for the Now is Our Time Capital Campaign for you and/or your family. We are grateful for sacrificial gifts at all levels.

Why are we building now when our attendance and giving is plateaued?

A plateau is the equivalent of sounding the alarm that our vision, mission and Kingdom efforts all need to be renewed.  It’s a call to dramatic activity.  “Now is OUR Time” is such a dramatic renewal of ministry answering the plateau alarm.

Has anyone calculated the cost of running the facility once built?

These costs are not born all at once, and although hard to calculate, must factor in that new materials, insulation, and automated controls can save additional costs over time.

Can’t we have renewed and welcoming ministry without a costly building/construction?

Renewed ministry and renewed facility go hand-in-glove.  Both are optimized by the other.  Consider inviting friends over to your home without preparing your home to receive them.  Both are necessary to provide a transformational welcoming experience.

When do I bring my commitment?

The Celebration Banquet will be Sunday, April 29 immediately following the one worship service on that day at 10:00 a.m.

When do I begin my sacrificial gift?

The first offering Sunday (Impact Sunday) is May 20.  The Campaign lasts for three years and you may fulfill your commitment in a way that best suits your situation.

How do I find out additional information?

You may contact either Mike Jurgensen (901.412.1957) or the church office (901.682.8404).  

You may also reach out to us here and we will promptly get back to you.